In 2010 social entrepreneur & mentor to young offenders at London’s Feltham Young Offenders Institute, Sadie Kaye, sailed to Venezuela with 3 persistent young offenders, selected at random by The Prince’s Trust, on an empowering white-knuckle voyage of self-exploration.
Sailing the Atlantic in hurricane conditions, enduring constant alien threats, venturing inside Venezuela’s anarchic El Rodeo Jail & teaming up with renegade gang-reform program, Proyecto Alcatraz, the adventure of a lifetime was delivered, leaving all involved wondering: is life really a process of self-discovery, or of self-creation?
Now, Sadie is preparing to make waves with a bold new Voyage of Adventure. The sequel project will also be filmed & broadcast on Discovery as Ship of Fools. So batten down the hatches, grab yourself a sundowner & enjoy the bumpy ride…

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Geoffrey Nganga