Sailing Miss Sadie Continues to Make Waves!

Sailing Miss Sadie was among the first films to be showcased on new global TV channel ITZON, which launched in September. The film, which received its Screen Premiere at the Gate Cinema in London's Notting Hill and its 2010 UK TV Premiere on Sky Real Lives & the Community Channel, has also been distributed on the … Continue reading Sailing Miss Sadie Continues to Make Waves!

Catch Sailing Miss Sadie on Discovery

Charter Yacht Sudiki!

Fancy your own Voyage of Adventure? Yacht Sudiki is available to charter! Your skipper will be none other than Sailing Miss Sadie's very own CAPTAIN DUFF! As seen on Sky Real Lives, the Community Channel and the Discovery Channel! HERE'S HOW TO CHARTER YOUR DREAM VACATION! Bon Voyage! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Yacht Sudiki!Captain Duff, Sudiki Skipper