Sadie at sea in Tall Ships Race with Discovery Sailing Project!

Sadie met up with former Sailing Miss Sadie mentee SAM TODD, a former joy rider and heroin addict who now works with the brilliant Discovery Sailing Project in Southampton, engaging young offenders and other young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through sailing projects. Sam now has his Yachtmaster qualification and recently led a sailing expedition to the Arctic Circle. … Continue reading Sadie at sea in Tall Ships Race with Discovery Sailing Project!

I know where my sails are set for!

I don’t know what I want.

Prince’s Trust Celebrate Success Awards

Sailing Miss Sadie (Hacked Version) 2016 Promo

Sailing Miss Sadie Continues to Make Waves!

Sailing Miss Sadie was among the first films to be showcased on new global TV channel ITZON, which launched in September. The film, which received its Screen Premiere at the Gate Cinema in London's Notting Hill and its 2010 UK TV Premiere on Sky Real Lives & the Community Channel, has also been distributed on the … Continue reading Sailing Miss Sadie Continues to Make Waves!

Testimonials Sailing Miss Sadie

“What you are doing is both challenging and exciting… you are truly inspirational and will do great things.” - Paul Jackson, Owner, Eyeworks, formerly Head of ITV   “I really enjoyed your film. You have amazing drive to get projects like this off the ground and see them all the way through to completion. Proper … Continue reading Testimonials Sailing Miss Sadie

Calling Volunteer Mentors to Young Offenders!

YOU could be doing rewarding work as a volunteer mentor inside young offenders institutes and prisons  like Sadie did for four years at London's Feltham Young Offenders Institute and HMP Aylesbury, before setting up her own projects. Whatever your age, background or life experience, there are millions of young men and women who fully deserve … Continue reading Calling Volunteer Mentors to Young Offenders!

Catch Sailing Miss Sadie on Discovery

The Science of Why We Should Spend Our Money on Experiences, Not Things

No shit! Exciting news re the next Ship of Fools project, film, & a brand new promo coming soon...

I don’t see no borders

This Land is Mine

One of the most brutal (and beautifully accurate!) cartoons made: This Land is Mine

Peppermint Apes provide theme tune to RTHK’s ‘Miss Adventure’

The Peppermint Apes provided the theme tune to Radio Television Hong Kong's Miss Adventure, presented by Sadie Kaye. The Apes previously provided tracks for Sailing Miss Sadie.

Charter Yacht Sudiki!

Fancy your own Voyage of Adventure? Yacht Sudiki is available to charter! Your skipper will be none other than Sailing Miss Sadie's very own CAPTAIN DUFF! As seen on Sky Real Lives, the Community Channel and the Discovery Channel! HERE'S HOW TO CHARTER YOUR DREAM VACATION! Bon Voyage! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Yacht Sudiki!Captain Duff, Sudiki Skipper

Too right, Paulo. Sailing Miss Sadie the sequel coming soon!

Live the life you are capable of living…