Testimonials Sailing Miss Sadie

“What you are doing is both challenging and exciting… you are truly inspirational and will do great things.”
Paul Jackson, Owner, Eyeworks, formerly Head of ITV


“I really enjoyed your film. You have amazing drive to get projects like this off the ground and see them all the way through to completion. Proper respect to you!”
Jim Sayer, Managing Director, Maverick TV


“I was deeply moved… Magical.”
Robert Young, BAFTA-winning Director


“Sadie has always been a reliable, imaginative, creative and enthusiastic person to work with. Her energy, her generosity of spirit, her thoughtfulness to those around her and her indisputable originality make her a joy to work with… I had the privilege of meeting some of the young people from this project at a cinema screening of the completed documentary film. It was evident not only how much they had gained and benefited from the experience, but how much respect and love they all had for Sadie and how she herself had been such a pivotal part in turning their lives around. One young offender, a former heroin addict, had kicked his drug habit and was now teaching disabled children to sail. Another, a former violent teenage gang member in Glasgow, who had just served a long prison sentence for GBH when the project began, had just been offered a place at Edinburgh University to read Spanish the following year and was now doing charity work in France until he started university. The third, a homeless orphan and former drug dealer, had gained full-time employment and had just won a place in the UK National Youth Theatre at the time of the film screening. It was immediately obvious to myself, the young people themselves, and all those who attended the screening and met the former young offenders that Sadie had transformed their lives.”
Niall Fraser, BBC Director and Founder of Maverick TV


I really enjoyed the film and admired what you set out to do. It’s a warm and lively documentary and you certainly care a lot about the characters…one of the most moving and powerful documentaries I’ve seen.”
Danny Cohen, Controller, BBC One


“I loved the film. It has a lot of heart. A massive achievement and a bold statement.”
James Collier, Discovery Channel


“What a beautiful and emotive portrait of modern epic pursuit! Your bold love took me on an emotional roller coaster… I think Sailing Miss Sadie must be shown in Venezuela. The documentary would cause a real stir here and in neighboring countries as far as Mexico… I have already started the Spanish translation!!!“
Angel Rizo, Venezuelan Director & Human Rights Activist


“You are a STAR!!!! We loved the film and feel so proud of the invaluable work you are doing with our young people. I think you really bring out the best in the young people and the viewer can see what the Trust is all about.”
Annie Lycett, Head of Ambassadors, The Prince’s Trust


“Dear Sadie, I just want to say how very grateful I am to you… It was marvelously encouraging to learn about how generous you have been with your time and money in helping young people from my Prince’s Trust and even more heartening to know what a difference you have managed to make to their lives through continuing to mentor them… I really don’t know what I would do without such incredibly special, warm hearted people such as yourself… What you said about stereotypes and giving young people confidence through challenging activities is so true… This comes with my warmest good wishes and boundless thanks for your kindness and generosity to my Trust and to young people in general.”
HRH Prince Charles